The Visual Advantage

The goal of this project was to create an infographic from a newspaper article to compare the effectiveness of data visualization. Therefore, I needed to create my own infographic to compare with the news article. First, I found a short newspaper article that was data friendly with a location and numbers. The article was about the Christmas headquarters in Washtenaw County. I then summarized the main topics in the article into a bulleted list: indoor lighting decorations, inside/outside trees, planning and display date, and location. Next, I worked on visualizing how the topics could be displayed on the different infograph templates in After selecting a promising template, I working on effectively displaying the main points. For this, I added a red, green, and white color scheme to visualize the Christmas time atmosphere in the article. I then added some photos displaying the interior and exterior of the Natures Garden Center. I continued working on the data visualization by adding exciting fonts and figures. Finally, I add a citation at the bottom of the infographic.

When comparing the infographic to the text-based article, the infographic presents the information in a much more persuasive style while the text-based article presents in more of an expository style. Both sources effectively display the information discussing the Christmas Headquarters when considering the authors intent because they appeal to different audiences. One employs a formal professional tone while the other implements a modern visionary approach. The newspaper article is mostly informational and describes a fun Christmas activity. The infographic I created translates the information from the article into a data visualization that attempts to persuade the reader. The visual element of the infographic changes the way we interpret the information in the article. It serves as a visualization that markets the headquarters encouraging the viewer to come visit. The news article explains where the Center is located and the infographic explains where the Center is while working to entice the reader through visuals. Both the article and the infographic contain numbers to impress the reader, but only the infograph contains creative and artistic elements to help stimulate the viewer. I find the mundane style of the newspaper article to be less appealing and convincing than the inventive graphic. However, there will be people prefer the routine text-based method and people who prefer visual presentations. After completing this project, I realized that both sources were an effective way to present the information with each having their own advantages when considering the target audience. The added visual element in data visualization can be a powerful way to persuade people including visitors to the Natures Garden Center.

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