A New Perspective to Walking

Psychogeography, coined by Guy Debord, is the study of the effects of geographical locations on the behavior and emotions of people. It examines how places make us feel. Psychogeography analyzes why people behave certain ways in different environments. This week I went for a psychogeographic walk where I walked with no destination. After leaving my apartment, I flipped a penny to determine which direction I walked. If the coin was head I went left and if it was tails I went right.

I started my route by flipping a head and I walked around campus village. Since, there was no option to turn right and left because of fencing surrounding the apartment complex I walked out the road.

The walk around Campus village was very peaceful and calm. The complex is surrounded by fencing and made me feel very safe. The walking trail is well taken care of and scenic.

The trail is very green with many trees that give a calming nature feel. After leaving the village, I flipped the coin and got heads again.

Normally I only use the main entrance to the complex, so using this side exit was a something new for me. On this side of the village there is a lot of construction. This side of the complex was much less aesthetic due to the excavation and construction. My next flip also presented a heads so I turned left and walked to the roundabout. At the roundabout, I finally flipped a right. From there I walked into campus which is a route I travel often. Normally, I would drive this route from the complex to the roundabout and into campus. This route was the loudest and had the most traffic with people coming to Campus village and the university. I then walked up to the building Science East where I flipped a tails and went right back towards the road. It was relaxing walking here because usually I would be walking to Science East for class. After leaving Science East, I flipped a heads and continued to walk past the Ryder Center. This part of the walk caused the most stress because seeing the Ryder made think about about my fitness. I lift at the Ryder often, but lately my consistency has been lacking.

My next flip yielded a tails so I turned right behind the Ryder which is a route I have not traveled much. This led me another roundabout where I flipped another tails and walked past the football stadium. I have not walked past the football field since one of the games last year. It was sad walking past the stadium because of corona stopping games. At this point when I got to Pierce road again I had been walking for a while and I returned back to my apartment. The walk I took was very calming and relaxing. I enjoyed traveling some routes I take often but usually drive and some routes I do not travel often. I had a completely different experience walking the route focusing more on the geography rather than just drive through heading to a specific destination. It was relaxing to just walk for enjoyment with no destination. I would recommend for people to take psychogeographic walks. Psychogeographic walking gives a new perspective and appreciation for the area.

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